About A'SYCK

US A'SYCK is creating future technologies that meet market demands.
Our light emitting diodes achieve full color with the incorporation of
red, green, and blue LED dice. LED technology has long life, high reliability and
conserves energy compared with filament style bulbs.
LEDs are a clean, environmentally friendly technology that contributes to energy savings.

Company policy is: "Proposal and Development adding value to our customer's products".
A'SYCK will continue to create valuable products that fill the needs of
our customer's and honor our environment.

NameUS A'SYCK Corp.
U.S. SalesPhone: 1-949-273-0618
FoundedJune 14, 2005
PresidentMasaru Kamino
Network A'SYCK Co., Ltd. -- Kyoto, Japanese Corporation
A.P.F Co., Ltd. -- Fukuyama in Hiroshima, Manufacturing Plants, Assembly, LED Manufacturing
H.S. Co., Ltd. -- Fukuyama in Hiroshima, Manufacturing Plants, Molding, Assembly
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