New Meeting Room used LED Lighting

This is our new meeting room in our new building in Kyoto(Uji-City). 780 pcs of our ASYCK LITE(White:380, Warm:380) are used.
This can modulate light 5 steps each color. Total length is 12 meters, Width is 1 meter.
LED_room LED_room
Kyoto Shinkin Bank_photo Kyoto Shinkin Bank_photo

Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Shiga Branch

In July,2006 The Kyoto Shinkin Bank Shiga Branch was opened in Shiga Prefecture.
These signs use our A'star Light. They change color slowly and can display full color.
1368 pcs of our A'star Light are used.

LED Street Lighting Dental Clinic Kyoto Shinkin Bank Photo Nanto Bank Photo Kyoto  Bank photo House Lighting photo Japanese Restrauant photo Hotel Lighting photo Okinawa Fountain photo Hana-Touro photo

• LED Edgelight(For Sign): [ AI-6256A, AI-6156A ]
• Full Color Chip LED [ALC-F270-Z, ALC-F553 ]
• LED Display [AD-24(24 Segment Alpha-numeric Display), AD-1221F2(Full Color Numeric Display), AD-121F2(Single Digit 7-segment RGB LED Display) ]
• Dot Matrix [AM-1640RG(Red and Green Color)]

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