The Hozu Bridge in Kyoto(right)

This is the new Hozu Bridge in Kameoka city,Kyoto.
The new Hozu Bridge was opened to traffic in November of 2001. It utilizes 13,246 LEDs but the power consumption is the same as 20 pieces of a 100W light bulb. It is controled by a MCU to emit Rainbow colors. It shows “Redleaves” “Snow” “Blossoms” and “Sunflowers”.
Hozu Bridge Photo Hozu Bridge Photo
House Lighting Photo House Lighting Photo

House Lighting(left)

The porch and the living room are illuminated by concealed LED lighting.

LED Street Lighting LED Meeting room Kyoshin Shiga Dental Clinic Kyoto Shinkin Bank Photo Nanto Bank Photo Kyoto  Bank photo Japanese Restrauant photo Hotel Lighting photo Okinawa Fountain photo Hana-Touro photo

• LED Edgelight(For Sign): [ AI-6256A, AI-6156A ]
• Full Color Chip LED [ALC-F270-Z, ALC-F553 ]
• LED Display [AD-24(24 Segment Alpha-numeric Display), AD-1221F2(Full Color Numeric Display), AD-121F2(Single Digit 7-segment RGB LED Display) ]
• Dot Matrix [AM-1640RG(Red and Green Color)]

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