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APF Co.,Ltd.

Deeply rooted in the tradition of quality manufacturing,
our goal is to meet your needs by creating products that
are head and shoulders above the competition.

To meet the diverse need of our clients, we are striving every day to
develop better technologies and processes so that we can deliver
quality products at low prices and with short delivery time.

In addition to high quality, low cost and fast delivery,
our management and employees are always thinking
about how we can provide better services to our clients.

APF's mission is to produce advanced products that meet the clients' needs.

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Registered Date: September, 2007
Registered Range: Manufacturing of LED component and those applied products
Registered Number: QC07J0058

Available machinery

Die Bonder x5
Automatic Wire Bonder x4
Manual Wire Bonder x2
Printer x1
Chip Mounter x1
Reflow Furnace x1

HS Co.,Ltd.

Comprehensive capabilities to produce products that meet a variety of needs.

We are surrounded by manufactured products of various forms
that offer functionality, functional beauty and ease of use.
These products have exterior forms that express them and contain sophisticated components.
Internal components are usually invisible but the products cannot function without them.
SEIKO offers a total package that covers both areas: We plan and design plastic and
electronic components, and after making presentations, we manufacture and deliver them
to our clients. Our work is always honest, quick and precise.


Available machinery

Injection molder (25t) x2
Injection molder (30t) x1
Injection molder (40t) x1
Injection molder (50t) x5
Injection molder (60t) x2
Injection molder (75t) x1
Injection molder (85t) x1
Injection molder (110t) x1
Injection molder (125t) x2
Injection molder (150t) x1
3-D measuring machine x1
Measuring microscope (imaging unit) x1
Heated injection machine x3
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